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Strengths-Based Approach

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Bozeman Strengths-Based Counseling

Our approach is geared toward alleviating the harmful effects of traumatic experiences and providing a foundation for healthy families and individuals. Providence Mental Health promotes a culture of safety, empowerment, and healing through trauma-informed care.


Adolescence is the most complicated time in a child’s life, both for the teen and the parents. Understanding how to navigate the relationship with your teen makes all the difference.


Most couples in a committed relationship experience challenges maintaining an intimate bond. It is possible to work together to save or improve your relationship.


Relationships with siblings, parents, and relatives can be painful and challenging.  We can help you form new communication styles so you can enjoy closer, healthier relationships. 

Providence Mental Health is proud to accept all major insurances, Medicare, and Medicaid.

Generational Change Starts Here

We utilize strengths-based and family-systems approaches to help our clients identify and reduce the effects of past traumas and complicated relationship issues. By helping our clients address these important challenges, we help create stronger individuals and families that benefit current and future generations.

“Kevin is in short; altruistic, generous, gracious, empathetic, and above all compassionate.”



You are not alone. We are here for you.

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