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Bozeman Strengths-Based Counseling

Our approach is geared toward alleviating the harmful effects of traumatic experiences and providing a foundation for healthy families and individuals.

Teen Counseling 

Providence Mental Health’s treatment-team approach is designed to help teens understand parents, and parents understand them. Help from trained clinicians can both alleviate current concerns as well as improve relationships and communication.

Providence Moms

It can be difficult to balance family responsibilities and your career with your own personal well-being. Providence Mental Health can help.

Partnered with Dino Drop-in

Providence Mental health is proud to announce that they have partnered with Dino Drop-in giving parents the time and space to meet with our clinicians.

Repairing Couples Relationships

Dorothy talks to us about how Providence Mental Health helps couples improve and repair relationships.

Brain Development in Adolescence 

Erica talks to us about how brain development changes in kids as they grow up and transition from different schooling periods.

LBGTQ Mental Health

Natalie from Providence Mental Health talks to us about therapy for the LBGTQ population.

Our Mission

Kevin, the president and founder of Providence Mental Health, talks to us about the mission of the company.

Executive Functioning

Providence Mental Health Clinician, Lacey, talks about Executive Functioning and how it affects the brain.

Suicide and Trauma

Wendy from Providence Mental Health talks to us about suicide and how therapy can help.

Challenges faced by foster families

Christa talks to us about the unique challenges posed to foster families and how trauma affects children and their adoptive families.

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