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At Connections, we apply a unique treatment team model – a proven “Collaborative Family Systems Model” to Montana mental health. Each client, whether an individual, part of a couple, or a member of a family system, receives their own clinician within a treatment team. These team members collaborate to assist family members while maintaining individual confidentiality. This model speeds the healing processes, helping us and our loved ones dissolve barriers and improve our most important relationships.

Healthier and happier lives are led by healing the shame-based narratives within our daily thoughts. Too often the negative “shaming soundtrack” is the result of unhealthy relationships from our past. With this model, we rediscover our core strengths and build ourselves up, so that we, in turn, can uplift those around us.

Strengths-Based Approach

We apply a strengths-based approach to counseling. The Strengths-Based Approach emphasizes and identifies a person’s strengths and allows for self-determination, doing away with barriers to healing, based in fear and a lack of confidence. It is a philosophy and a way of viewing clients as resourceful and resilient in the face of adversity.

Trauma-Informed Care

Trauma-informed care recognizes the role trauma plays in the lives of patients and seeks to shift the clinical perspective from “what’s wrong with you” to “what happened to you”, by recognizing and accepting symptoms and difficult behaviors as strategies developed to cope with past trauma. Trauma-informed care is mindful of a patient’s trauma and aims at reducing it in a manner considerate of the client’s past trauma.

Alternative contact information for emergency & crisis
situations can be found below: 

Montana Warmline

Free and confidential service
1-877-688-3377 or

8 a.m. - 9 p.m. Mon - Fri
Noon - 9 p.m. Sat & Sun

Help Center

1-406-586-3333 or 211

Montana Crisis Text Line

Text "MT" to 741741

Montana Suicide Prevention LIfeline

1-800-273- TALK (8255)
24 hrs/day 7 days/wk

911 for Emergency

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