Natalie Koziarski


Natalie’s parents and sister migrated from Poland to Germany where Natalie was born and raised. Her family moved to the United States when Natalie was thirteen years old. These early transitions provided Natalie with an early understanding of how difficult drastic life transitions can be for children. Having this knowledge has led Natalie into the service of child and adolescent populations where attachment, adjustment, and at-risk youth behaviors need support. She learned first-hand how life’s path can be uncertain, and how supporting youth during the adolescent period can be improved with proper support.

Natalie has a bachelor’s in social work and a graduate degree in Social Work from North Carolina State University. During her studies, Natalie has an academic work history with an agency Guardian Ad Litem to research child abuse and child neglect to deepen her awareness of these issues in order to eventual be a stronger advocate for foster children parents in the foster system. Natalie continues to work toward resolving conflicts collaboratively within at-risk-youth populations.

Natalie also became a volunteer for Guardian ad Litem and in this role, she was to monitor and advocate for the well-being of the children. When Natalie interned at Lutheran Services Carolinas as a foster care case manager, where she received introductory training in Collaborative Problem Solving, which allowed her to teach families how to solve problems collaboratively in order to build stronger relationships, teach interpersonal skills, and avoid crises. In addition to these accomplishments, Natalie has volunteered and advocated for populations that have encountered substance abuse, mental illness, bullying, and for LGBT youth.

Natalie is looking forward to becoming part of the Bozeman community, while exploring winter sports, her love of art, hiking with her dog, and camping. In the future Natalie plans to explore training and certifications in different methods of trauma therapy/treatment.

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