Melaney Swenson

Program Manager

Melaney was born and raised in Montana. After graduating from the University of Montana, Melaney decided she needed to experience the wider world and moved to Cincinnati OH to work as a Youth Worker in a low-income neighborhood. The people there taught Melaney how they overcame the challenges of poverty and trauma with determination and community support. Melaney also learned about Appalachian culture including music, poetry, food, and family. Melaney returned to the West to work toward her Masters in Social Work at Boise State University. Shortly after graduation, Melaney started working with the newly formed Catholic Charities of Idaho. Melaney and her team developed the Boise Family Strengthening Center including Counseling Services, Legal Immigration services, and Economic Stability programming. Melaney had the opportunity to learn about the strength and resilience of humankind from the immigrants and refugees served in those programs. Melaney also had the opportunity to attend the Global Network of Religions for Children Fourth Forum in Dar Es Salaam, Tanzania. Melaney felt the call to return to Montana to be near family and enjoy this beautiful place called home. Melaney and her teammate started a new CSCT program in an elementary school in Belgrade in which Melaney was able to return to her beloved work of serving young children and their families. It became clear to Melaney that CSCT was one of the most effective ways of serving families and she jumped at the opportunity to manage the Kids First program at Providence. Melaney has found in Providence, a place where whole families are compassionately supported through some of the most difficult times in their lives. Melaney is constantly inspired by the expertise and wisdom of Providence providers and is grateful to be part of such a team.

Melaney’s favorite pastimes are hanging out with her nephews and traveling. Melaney is always planning the next trip with family and friends. Melaney also enjoys hiking, reading, and music.