Kevin Reilly


Kevin Reilly began his adventure in the helping profession as a special education teacher assistant in a school for children and adolescents exposed to significant trauma. After a brief spell as a special education teacher, Kevin segued to the behavioral specialist realms, working specifically with children and adolescents with autism in schools and family homes. Next came graduate school and a focus on Marriage and Family Therapy in order to continue being a loving presence for adolescents and families through trauma-informed care.

Kevin was hired right after a post-graduate internship, at the very same agency where he had supported students as a special education teacher—once again offering trauma-informed care as a therapist.
Kevin has worked as a skiing filmmaker, in Vail, Colorado; radio engineer and production manager at a news/talk radio station in North Carolina; voice-over artist in New York City; Foley Artist in Los Angeles; bartender in over 10 states; animal wrangler; dog trainer; and roustabout (traveling the country for 2 years to write about the amazing place we call home).

Kevin now looks forward to the adventure of joining Providence Mental Health to continue working as a healing professional in the Gallatin Valley working with youth and their families in one of the most beautiful cities in the country.


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