Kevin Maxwell

Founder and CEO

Kevin Maxwell, LCSW is the founder and board member of Providence Mental Health. Kevin joined his sibling’s and family in Bozeman in 2017, moving from California with his adult children and grandchildren. Kevin’s Bozeman family has made significant contributions to the Gallatin Valley by their philanthropic giving to non-profits, education, and other significant projects for approximately 30 years.

As an extension of his family’s commitment to helping high-risk populations-in-need in the Gallatin Valley, Kevin has founded Providence Mental Health to specifically add mental health support to adolescents and families. Kevin began this new path with the end in mind in 2006, retiring from a career in international business and returned to junior college at the age of 42, graduating three times in 5 years, in order to bring a solution that helps the entire family system.  Kevin holds a Master’s Degree in Social Work from the USC School of Social Work.  He holds licenses in both California and Montana.  Additionally, he is also a Certified Addictions Counselor.

Kevin has specialized in areas concerning at-risk-youth; working with families where individuals have severe persistent mental health issues, in psychiatric hospital settings, schools, residential settings – including shelters that supported adoptive and foster youth. 

Most recently Kevin served as the Clinical Director of a facility that worked with the Los Angeles Department of Mental Health, and the Department of Child and Family Services that served the most difficult children to place within the foster and adoption system throughout Los Angeles County.  Serving both in the psychiatric hospital, and foster/adoptive settings, Kevin received awards for supervising in these environments by vastly reduced risk of client self-harm, peer on peer violence, as well as violence on staff by adolescent clients.

Kevin’s mission for Providence Mental Health will be one that uses best practices and methodology that is trauma-focused, strengths-based, and addresses the whole family system – in order to help adolescent behaviors (risk), as well as improving the communication of the entire family. He draws upon his life experiences that overcame significant life obstacles, education, and time working in various mental health settings, to meet each client where they are at, collaborating with the client to specifically implement the help that can improve the most painful areas affecting that client. 

After Providence Mental Health’s opening in February-March of 2019, Kevin is looking forward to adding to the existing services provided by the many community partners that are devoted to helping those in need.

Over a number of years, myself, my family and my friends have benefited greatly from the unique clinical skills that Kevin brings to the table. Kevin possesses a unique skill set as a therapist that embraces a multifaceted approach to counseling which encompasses a rare combination of clinical knowledge, genuine compassion and an uncanny talent for intuitiveness as it relates to specific concerns. Moreover, he possesses an exceptional ability to instantaneously pinpoint core issues in crisis situations and come up with an immediate course of action.

Drawing on his own life experiences, Kevin transcends the typical singular approach to counseling, which in my experience can often lack empathy, and can create a “wall” between the patient and therapist. His own willingness to remove this barrier makes him relatable, and non-threatening and leaves no doubt that he truly cares for you and your loved ones first and foremost.

Most importantly, Kevin is anything but typical and seems to view his clients first and foremost as people with their distinct struggles and mountains to climb.

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