Christine Patterson


Christine was born and raised in the south, spending the majority of her life in Fayetteville, North Carolina where her father was stationed at the Army base. Despite living in North Carolina, her parents had grown up in South Dakota, and Christine’s grandparents still resided in South Dakota throughout her childhood. When it came time to look for colleges, a school in South Dakota popped up on her radar. She took the leap and moved to South Dakota, earning her Bachelor of Science from Black Hills State University, double majoring in Human Services and Sociology. With a strong desire to help families, Christine went to work for Child Protection Services immediately after earning her Bachelor’s degree, where she worked for over three years. After deciding to pursue a Master’s degree, Christine transitioned her work to working in a skilled nursing facility while finishing her degree. As well as working in a skilled nursing facility, Christine also completed her primary field placement for her Master’s program at the Department of Veteran Affairs, assisting with the Caregiver Support Program and working on the inpatient psychiatric unit where she led support groups multiple times a week. Christine obtained her Masters in Social Work from Simmons College. She is currently working towards her licensure to become an LCSW. 

Christine has a specific passion for providing Telehealth services to people who may not otherwise have access to services due to barriers such as transportation, employment, distance from services, and more. Christine plans to become certified in Cognitive Behavioral Therapy. 

Christine is still located in South Dakota, in the heart of the Black Hills, and is excited to join Providence Mental Health to provide Telehealth services. When not working, Christine can be found playing with her two dogs, painting, or enjoying a hike in the hills.