Brenda De La Rosa

Brenda De La Rosa is the Director of Family Services for Providence Mental Health. She performs a multifaceted role that also involves family/community outreach as well as administrative support. Born in California, Brenda was fortunate to spend half of her youth in Mexico while she completed her primary education. Brenda is a graduate from California State of Fullerton in California where she received a BS in and Human Services with an emphasis in mental health, substance abuse, at-risk-youth, and homeless populations. Brenda is known for her empathy for children and parents as they relate to basic needs and the challenges that families face.

Brenda has 20 years of experience supplying direct client service to children and families in the education and social work fields. Brenda has worked in positions from California to Washington DC, fulfilling various positions teaching anger management class to adolescence, coaching autistic children, housing/residential services for those in need, as well as general case management supporting families.

With this culmination of life experiences, Brenda is passionate in her service others with challenging backgrounds, through the understanding of their complex emotional needs. Brenda is devoted to helping the Gallatin County community, and specifically, the lives of children. Brenda is certified as a Montessori education provider while being an advocate for children and justice. Brenda is a mother of 2 wonderful children in which she loves spending most of her time.


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